How does Blabber's pre-written blog service work?

Blabber's pre-written blog service is an online platform that offers a wide range of pre-written articles on various topics. Businesses can browse our library of pre-written blogs and select the articles that best fit their needs. Once a blog has been selected, businesses can purchase and download the article, then use it on their website, social media pages, or other marketing channels.

What kind of topics are available for pre-written blogs?

We offer pre-written blogs on a wide range of topics, including business, finance, health, lifestyle, and more. Our library is constantly updated with new articles, so businesses can always find fresh and relevant content to share with their audience.

How do I select the right pre-written blog for my business needs?

Our pre-written blogs are organized by category and topic, making it easy for businesses to find the articles that best fit their needs. Additionally, our search function allows businesses to search for specific keywords or topics to find the most relevant pre-written blogs.

Can I request customized content for my pre-written blog?

Yes! We offer a customization service where businesses can request changes or additions to a pre-written blog to better suit their needs. Our team of professional writers can make the necessary changes to ensure that the pre-written blog meets the business's specific requirements.

What is the quality of Blabber's pre-written blogs?

All of our pre-written blogs are written by professional writers with expertise in their respective fields. We take pride in providing high-quality content that is informative, engaging, and relevant to our customers' needs. To get a sense of the quality of our pre-written blogs, we encourage businesses to check out examples of our content on our own blog page. Our blog features a range of topics and styles, giving businesses a sense of the kind of content they can expect from our pre-written blog service.

How frequently is new content added to Blabber's pre-written blog library?

We add new content to our pre-written blog library on a regular basis, typically several times a week. Our goal is to ensure that our customers always have access to fresh and relevant content to share with their audience.

Can I preview the pre-written blog before purchasing it?

No, unfortunately, we do not offer a preview function that allows businesses to read a portion of the pre-written blog before making a purchase decision. However, we stand behind the quality of our pre-written blogs and are confident that businesses will be satisfied with their purchase. If a business is not satisfied with their pre-written blog, we offer a satisfaction guarantee and will work with them to find a suitable solution.

How do I use the pre-written blog once I've purchased it?

Once a pre-written blog has been purchased, businesses can download the article and use it on their website, social media pages, or other marketing channels. In addition, we add extra tips to every blog on how to get the most out of your purchase. These tips can help businesses optimize the use of their pre-written blog to achieve their marketing goals. Businesses have the right to edit the pre-written blog as needed to ensure that it fits their specific needs.

What is the cost of Blabber's pre-written blog service?

The cost of our pre-written blogs varies depending on the length and complexity of the article. Businesses can browse our library to find the pre-written blogs that best fit their budget.

Are there any discounts or promotions available for bulk purchases or subscriptions?

Yes! We offer discounts for bulk purchases and subscriptions to our pre-written blog service. By purchasing multiple pre-written blogs or subscribing to our service, businesses can save money and ensure that they always have access to high-quality content for their marketing needs. For more information on our pricing and discount options, businesses can contact us at info@blabbercontent.com.

In 3 stappen naar social media Succes!

Stap 1

Vertel ons jouw verhaal

Welkom bij de Makkelijk Media-club! Zodra je deel uitmaakt van onze groep, sturen we je het 'StartPunt Formulier'. Hierin kun je alles kwijt over je bedrijf, de unieke stijl, en wat jouw merk zo bijzonder maakt. Dit is een eenmalige, belangrijke stap waarmee we ons helemaal afstemmen op de hartslag van jouw merk!

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Stap 2

Time to Focus

Elke maand bieden we je de gelegenheid om ons 'Focus Formulier' in te vullen. Dit is jouw moment om ons te laten weten of er specifieke onderwerpen, evenementen of thema's zijn waar je extra aandacht aan wilt besteden. Geen zorgen als je besluit het over te slaan - we zorgen er hoe dan ook voor dat jouw content actueel en afgestemd blijft op je merk.

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Stap 3


Met alle informatie die we van jou hebben verzameld, gaan we aan de slag om boeiende content te creëren die jouw doelgroep zal aanspreken. Mocht je aanpassingen willen maken, dan staan we altijd open voor een revisie. Daarna is het tijd om de content te delen: wij zorgen voor de planning van je posts, of je neemt zelf het heft in handen - net wat voor jou het beste werkt.

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